Retro Brand Marketing and Grundig’s Retro Marketing Project…

The retro concept, which is derived from the word of retrospective, is used in conjunction with the nostalgia, the longing for the past, and its effect in marketing activities. Retro marketing, which can be described as re-use of an existing brand, product or figure in today’s conditions, is confronted by consumers in different formats. Within the framework of personal or interpersonal nostalgia, a brand or a product can be re-implemented using the retro concept. Revitalization of the brands can be identified as the resurrection of the disappeared brands. In the competitive territory, establishing a new brand may be costly that’s why brands prefer ‘retrospective marketing’.

Due to Grundig’s deep-rooted history, Grundig is taken as an example of retro branding. To give a brief explanation German company, Grundig was founded in 1945 and gained worldwide fame with its manufacturing of radio and television. Grundig, which is active in the consumer electronics, white goods, audio, and video systems sector and with its electronic products all over the world, has been operating since 2007 in the Turkish company, Arçelik. Grundig is being sold in more than 65 countries and is a subsidiary brand of Arçelik Inc.

After all experiences within years, Grundig identified with the words: high performance, quality and durability. The brand’s mission in Turkey is “As Grundig, we always believe in offering better. Our choice is to be a brand with high awareness, timeless modernity and appeal to refined tastes. For this reason, we use advanced technologies to meet the needs of the future and embrace the movement of the ‘Ruhun Doysun’ in Turkish, which means ‘Let Your Soul Be Satisfied’ in English, to inspire sustainability, respect food, and conscious consumption.”

Under the umbrella of retro marketing, Grundig realized the ‘Ruhun Doysun’ project with the slogan of “Be faithful to yourself, embrace change”. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of full-scale household appliances, they contribute to the world with energy saving, waste and respect for nature; with the timeless design, they take the mission to make your home the most beautiful place to live.

Grundig set off with the philosophy of “Respect to Food” when starting this project. When they say respect to food, they must start to respect from the soil, from see, and to raise the food that will heal them well. This project respects for food inspires a simple life and aims to spread conscious consumption from kitchen to life. When Grundig’s reasons for beginning this project are evaluated, you are encountered with their statement, “We care to live the moment without forgetting tomorrow and to enjoy what life has to offer us.” Thus, it has become a journey aimed at more refined and quality life.

Overall, I have learned lots of very impressing information from Grundig. For instance, did you know that one-third of the world’s annual food production goes to waste? This means that 1.3 billion ton is a waste of edible food. So much food can feed 868 million people suffering from starvation in the world. In fact, this amount is 4 times what you need for a life that you can eat well.

And Grundig has a call for us:

“We invite you to share this experience with us, where we have a care and awareness, we connect with nature, make a habit of recycling, consciously consume, know where the food in our table comes from and where we go.”

To be honest, this project is full of inspirations! After I understood their duties, I was fascinated by them and started to follow their social media sites to catch up with their developments. I hope Grundig grows its projects in Turkey, and then one day they will reach their dream of spreading worldwide!




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  1. Alice says:

    Interesting post! Are you planning on using retro brand marketing for your start-up?


    1. Hi Alice! Thank you for your comment first of all. When I found this marketing strategy, I thought it is very interesting and efficient in today’s environment. I really want to apply this marketing strategy to my start-up but if I cannot do it, I will definitely prefer to use it for my future plan projects.


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