What is Start-up? And let’s see the best 3 start-ups in Turkey…

The dictionary meaning of start-up is “the act or an instance of setting in operation or motion” or “a business or undertaking that has recently begun operation”. The co-CEO of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal mentioned that “A start-up is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious, and success is not guaranteed.”

Successful start-up projects continue to emerge with developments throughout the country, intensive care of incubators and increased use of technological products. They are given support to initiatives by the government and Turkey’s leading brands as well as provide support to the start-up project. While some projects were not fully developed, some of them are managed successfully to spread around the world with the support of investors and other entrepreneurs. So, what are the top 3 start-up projects performed in Turkey?

According to the Best Start-ups in Turkey list (Startupjobs.istanbul, 2018), the project named Insider is chosen as the best project of the last times. Insider assists in the development of usable data, especially in the development of marketing technologies and leading brands to make segmentation with advanced auto-optimization. For example; by Insider’s system, using machine learning algorithms, a customer’s tendency to purchase the product within 7 days can be calculated, and then reports are reviewed about 30 days and a new purchase score is determined for each day. In this respect, by getting the report of customers’ tendency on purchasing, it can be provided that selling rates is increased by 17 times. Lots of well-known brands such as Fiat, Carrefour, Dominos, Toyota etc. are using this system.

The second project is Paraşüt which is a system established in order to assist in financial operations and increase the company’s controls include invoice tracking, current account tracking, revenue tracking, reporting, e-Invoice, online collection, stock tracking, e-Commerce integration, bank integration and CRM integration. It has a huge effect on the companies because one of the most important details for the development of a company is budget control and pre-accounting.

The project, Onedio can also be given as a successful start-up example. Onedio has managed to take third place among the best Startup projects with the achievements achieved within a short time. Onedio describes itself as Turkey’s first and only social content platform which is one of the most popular platforms of recent years. It has been serving since 2012 and publishes various contents.

So, how these companies become that much successful? When we check the ‘must’ habits that will make your start-up more successful, you should be motivated by the right things, always be strived for improvements, don’t afraid of making mistakes because you will learn lots, always be patient and creative, know where is your market and your competitors and be ensured you, and your business, develop and grow, you have to take on challenges that throw you out of your depth.

After all these successful stories, we should stop and think a little about our ideals. Why are we here and what is our mission in this life? When I questioned myself in these times, I am remembering my reasons to make myself happy and proud of myself. Then, support and follow your dreams and ideas. It’s not a miracle if they caught this success, why can’t you?

So, let’s get inspired from outside of our own world and start think differently!



Startupjobs.istanbul. (2018). Türkiye’nin En Başarılı 100 Startup’ı, [Online]. Available at: https://startupjobs.istanbul/turkiyenin-en-basarili-100-startupı/ [Accessed: 5 January 2019]




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