What is New Media World? Being a Phenomenon/an Influencer: Trend? Profession?

With the mixed up of the Internet and media, new media has been added to the traditional media that is transferred through digital platforms nowadays and then with the developments, new media is formed. The thing is after the rise of new media, traditional did not disappear because new media is a new movement that involves and transforms the traditional media and keeps up with the technology.

Let’s start with the question of do you think there is a difference between influencer and phenomenon?

The first thing to clarify that influencers are not equivalent to the phenomenon. The phenomenon addresses millions like the influencers do, but they cannot form the same trust. The phenomenons are people who have been viral by what they do, unlike those who are considered experts in a particular field. Anyone can be called a phenomenon by doing outstanding things, but influencers share their own life experiences for their interests and have gained the trust of their followers on a certain issue. If we need to clarify; each phenomenon cannot be an influencer, but each influencer has the potential to become a phenomenon.

So, what do you think about being a phenomenon or an influencer in this new media? Is this a profession? Or is it a trend that flares up for a while like a match?

In today’s world, people feel the force to live fast because things are changing really quickly.

Our loneliness in the daily hustle and bustle of one-on-one communication; we are connected to the people we found ourselves on social media. We watch them every day because we just don’t want to miss their sharing to catch us with a little smile.

Well, what is our interest so much?

Actually, this is the most effective side of social media. We are meeting together in the same place just for one minute. To be a phenomenon/influencer by yourself, to be watched your videos by too many people, to be shared your posts hundreds of times… This event doesn’t push us all into thinking that I might stand out on social media even if I do it all? In the place where everyone meets, the issues are going to be about you… And you will make money by making it your job! Isn’t it sounds very attractive?

But let’s turn back to my question first: is this a profession? The dictionary meaning of profession is based on systematic knowledge and skills gained through a certain education, to produce goods, to serve people and to earn money in return. In light of that, being an influencer has not seemed like a profession because people do not need to gain this knowledge through education. Also, there are no certain rules for being one of them.

If we evaluate the occupations (like teaching, cookery, engineering), we cannot characterize the phenomenon as a profession. A phenomenon may not be a profession at the moment, but how is it going? After two years later, could it be a profession that will have a certain type of education and its rules will be more clarified?

People desire that brands will be more ethical, be more aware of nature and less damage to the environment. Now, customers get bored from the aimless advertisement campaigns and they are looking for something new. At this time, the phenomenon and influencers became a part of the subject. The people we follow recommend us to use their own resources and provide resources to trust them. For these reasons, it has become a blessing for the beauty industry that offers endless product options for women.

When the sectors which are affected more by phenomenon are evaluated, the beauty sector became the number one in YouTube because of the production of more contents in the makeup industry. According to an astonishing statistic, only 3% of the beauty content on YouTube is branded and controlled; 97% organic shares made by beauty vloggers.

On the other hand, if we consider the travel sector, Instagram is becoming the #1 channel. Currently, there are 232,752,828 photos shared with a #travel hashtag on Instagram. Below, you can find the most hashtagged cities on Instagram in 2016.

Ekran Resmi 2019-01-06 16.22.42.png



So, do you think we will call influencers as a professional group?

When the characteristic features of occupations are utilized, it is hard to call it as a profession, but the trend in the world is gaining more momentum, the sector continues to grow commercially, the investment of the brands in this field continues, the professionalization of the influencers and the fact that this business branch will become a profession in the future. Especially with the increase in the education side, this can be turned into a profession easily when the standards are in place.

Lastly, I want to add something that I believe you may become a phenomenon or an influencer in new media, but the truth is you should work hard because it is not just tweeting, going around on Instagram or shooting a product video on YouTube. On the other side of the curtain, there are serious jobs waiting for you. Don’t forget, success requires labor!


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