What happened in the Kingston University Trade Fair?

Finally, the first trade fair in Kingston University is over with lots of experiences and feedback… Congratulations to all groups!

As the group of Renovate, our start-up idea is creating a collapsible and colour changing bottle named LiquiSensum according to the thermal state of the liquid. We started this journey with lots of ideas, but we finalized it by creating a bottle for the people who are always on-the-go and want to experience the magic of the colour changing. I think every idea has its own value and I believe that our product has a value on people’s life.

This trade fair was my first experience in that type of field. My main goal in there is communicating with people and seeing their reactions and feedback on our product. I believe in my product, but I really wonder what are people thinking about it?

I got lots of good and informative comments from people above our product and these are very valuable with respect to knowing what to renew. When we got in contact with people in the area, we got lots of good comments and all of them asked us “Are you going to make it real?”. This is an amazing question because I am asking this for myself too. I did not realize that dealing with manufacturers was that kind of hard, but I believe after that project I will be improved my communication and persuasive skills.

So, what happened in the trade fair? What have I learned? What can we do better for the following trade fair in Eden Walk?

To tell the truth, we did not prepare well on this trade fair because I was dealing with the manufacturer issues. That’s why I did not make it real what I really wanted to do in there. As a team, we did not prepare a prototype to help people understanding our product’s benefits. So, to make it more visual, we prepared a video to show the benefits and the visuals of the product. And after people see the video, they understood in a better way of which materials will be used, what are the dimensions and benefits.

As you can see from our stand’s pictures and if I need to make a self-criticism, our product is not certain there because of the complexity of the table. The bottle on the table is shown to people because we want to emphasize what is going to be different and to explain what is going to be done to make it valuable from its competitor.


To explain why there are two computers, one computer shows the promotional video of the product and on the other computer, the colour changing process showed to people. But according to the stand’s visual perspective, this actually seems unnecessary. I started to explore what can be done for the following trade fair because I do not want to face the same issues that I faced at the first trade fair.

With the criticism in the lecture towards the stands in the trade fair, we got the real comments from our classmates and Janja. I believe we experienced many things in this trade fair, and we will learn from our faults for our following Kingston Eden Walk Shopping Trade Fair and future projects.

Let’s Renovate!



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