How Logos Impact Our Behaviour Towards a Certain Brand? How Does Create Distinctive Logos Attract Us?

When I purchase something whether it is a small or big product, I often check or go for the branded product, which I can define, from its logo. It provides me with some sort of trust, when I buy, I know it is going to be worth the price. And it saves me a lot of time. If I know a thing is good, I would not bother for searching other alternatives.

It is stated so many times that when advertising or marketing brand logos are the key aspects of identifying the brand’s features. Logos creates impressions on the consumer’s brain, which can be good or bad, and impressions can lead to sales. Sales can define the company’s scale which whether they are small or large. It is all linked, creating a value chain. According to a study I have read before, if a business wants to develop loyalty, the first impression is incredibly important. The study has shown that 48 percent of the consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand when they purchase a product for the first time.

A logo can convey the brand’s message and unique identity. It will also help you build a strong person for your business. It simply creates recognition. I know from myself that I can remember a brand that I saw on TV, movies, billboards, and roads and clearly match the logo, brand with the product. Even sometimes when I see a creative logo, I search from my smartphone to see what the brand produces or serves. Further, logos can catch people’s eye and stop people go for competitor brand. Let’s take Starbucks into account. When I see a Starbucks in Turkey, UK or another country, I would choose Starbucks instead of going to another coffee shop. Due to familiarity, security and knowing what I am going to get when I pay.

If we look at some creative logos and see what certain characteristics do, they have and what they create in our minds. I know we do not know until we try to understand what designer of the logos or brands actually tries to tell us. So here are some examples:



Most car companies evolved their logos overtime periods, but a logo that’s managed to stay original and significant for over a century is the Mercedes-Benz star, which is introduced in 1909. The star itself is packed with meaning: the three prongs represent the air, land, and sea—each a segment of the automotive industry. Silver colour evokes dependability, security, professionalism, and conventionality along with value and quality. From Mercedes, we can see that the font of the brand title matter. The curved edges allow the company to seem luxurious—all with just letters. Imagine if that font was thick and bold. It wouldn’t be so elegant!



In 1971, graphic design student Carolyn Davidson designed the Nike’s famous ‘Swoosh’ logo and sold it to Nike co-founder Phil Knight for just $35. At first, they were a text accompanying the logo but now Nike does not even need it because right now it is universally recognized with just logo. In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory, and the meaning behind the name inspired the logo. The swoosh mimics the wing of the goddess combined with Nike’s own brand traits.

What do you feel or see when you look at the Nike logo? Speed? Acceleration? Power? That’s exactly what the company wants you to feel, and this innovative design represents all of these traits in a simple and creative way. And the logo itself creates positivity in consumers’ brain just looking like a ‘yes’ tick. Nike knows how to convey attributes through the shape of its logo. The swoosh evokes motion and speed, which people want to gain through the help of Nike’s product.

Both of these firms know how to use perfect colours, shape, and lettering—all while keeping it simple and creative. A creative but conveying logo design can tell customers everything they need to know about a brand, products, and values of that brand and will help them to recognize the brand in every situation possible. Eye-catching logo design will help brands establish a reputable brand in a competitive market.





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